Frequently Asked Questions - get paid to read email - Help
New to the wonderful world of Free Money? Have a question?
The following list contains some of the most frequently asked questions concerning "get paid to read email" programs.

What is getting paid via E-Mail?
We have stated, the paid Internet companies can send you money because they sell advertisement.   So in your E-Mail you will receive advertisements.  Some of the programs will also give you a free E-Mail account to read email ads there instead of reading them in your regular account. They usually all work in the same manner and that is read the E-mail and click on a hyperlink to get credit for reading the E-Mail.

So why do they pay me?
Advertising is the name of the game when it comes to most Free Money Programs. The Free Money Programs present advertisements to you, and when they get money from companies, they pass some of it onto the people (you) who use the program.

So do you actually have to read the E-mail to get credit?
Well, not really, you just need to find and click on the link.  Our rule is if the advertisement interests us, we will read the E-mail.  If not, we find the hyperlink and click on it.

How does these emails look like?
As you can see they are usually short messages and will give you a date that you must go to before the offer expires.  Remember you do not need to buy a thing!  Just click on the hyperlink and you get paid.

Does this cost anything?
No, none of the programs rated cost any money to join or earn money with.

Have you actually made any money from these?

Who are referrals?
Direct Referral: Someone who you refer to a service yourself (as opposed to extended referral).  Extended, Indirect Referral: Someone who is referred to a service by one of your referrals. This process often goes up to several levels. You will get %of their earnings, that is why is important to have them as many as you can.

Can I join more programs?
Of course. It depends on how much money you want to make and how much targeted emails you want to read every day.

How will they pay me?
They will send you a check like this one.

Why is the signup so important on E-mails?
Besides the standard questions (name, address, etc.) they will ask you to usually answer a 1 page survey.  How you answer your questions on your survey bases on how many E-mails you receive daily/weekly.  Let's say I wanted to get through the 1 page survey quickly (even though it usually only takes 2-5 minutes to finish).  So we answer the question when it asks for hobbies, that we collect insects.  This may be true, but I doubt that there are that many advertisers that sell insects.  We are not saying to lie on this survey to get more E-mails, all we are saying is read the questions and if you are interested in that topic, select it in your survey.  Please note on most programs it will not allow you to click off every answer.  Yes you may be well diversified in your hobbies but they doubt that you are interested in every category.

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